Introducing iAoPort

First conceived in the Spring of 2023, the iAoPort project is finally becoming a reality.

iAoPort is the result of a consortium across sectors, brought together to build a digital platform that will enable ports and marinas to navigate their environmental transition.

Environmental impacts of marinas and yachting activities are well-known, but still poor in concrete quantitative data, a crucial step toward actions in mitigation and resilience.

iAoPort is a digital twin platform, gathering and analysing data on: port activity (ship classification and movement…), resource usage (water, electricity…), and environmental impact (GHG emissions, NOX, SOX, air and water quality…). Combining operational data, on-the-ground sensors, remote sensing data, and cutting-edge AI analytics, iAoPort will give stakeholders the means to quantify and curb their impacts and vulnerabilities.

Built in tight collaboration with their main users: marina and port operators, iAoPort will be deployed in multiple pilot ports around the European Mediterranean coast.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about the project over the coming few days…

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